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1928 Some evidence that there is a perimeter fence and cricket ground end is terraced in concrete

1901 Folkestone Cricket Club express an interest in using the "Broad Mead" farm for sporting purposes

1910 Folkestone FC express an interest in using the ground. It comes to nothing and the club disbands!

1919 Main stand appears - likely it was a building moved from Folkestone harbour!

1905 First sporting use - cricket. Folkestone Cricket Club vs Kent county team

1914 A reformed Folkestone FC starts sharing the ground with the cricket club

1925 New cricket ground laid out next door, with stands appearing 1926, and cricket club leaving the old ground 1927

1931 Winston Churchill visits the ground. The Harvey end terrace is laid.

1933 Cricket ground end terrace is raised to its current height

1958 Grandad stand is built

1932 The Harvey end terrace gets a roof with pillars made from old railway tracks. Main stand roof is extended forwards

1939-1945 Wartime games held. An explosive bomb damages some of the Harvey end stand.

1959 Floodlights first installed

1965 Pavilion changing rooms demolished (?) and the indoor bowls club built in its place

~1970 Supporters club bar Red & White Club (now Bar Invicta) built. PA hut located at end of Harvey terrace

1973 Main stand is burned down by arsonists. The small directors stand goes at the same time.

1986 "Live Aid For Kent" held at the ground

1969 Folkestone Horse of the Year Show held at the ground

1972 Current changing rooms / hospitality block built

1973 Main stand is rebuilt as a 800-seat structure, paid for by the council

1991 Folkestone Invicta take residence. Newly renamed "Stripes Club" also acts as first club shop at the ground

2001 Stripes Club refurbished

~2004 New floodlights constructed

2010 Folkestone Invicta go into CVA. The ground is unaffected by this.

2014/2015 Churches Together "Big Event" held at ground

2017 Wheelchair cover constructed between Grandad stand & Cricket ground end

2000 Club shop moves to a portacabin next to the PA hut beside the Harvey terrace

2004 Directors located in the Wilf Armory suite 

2006 Segregation used for the first time at the ground due to the visit of AFC Wimbledon

2013 Main stand roof partly blown off in a storm. Remainder of roof & pillars removed & seats removed (transferred to Grandad stand).to create an open terrace.

2015 Folkestone Invicta exit CVA

2020 Cricket ground end surface relayed. Perimeter fence replaced.

2023 Stripes bar renamed the Dugout & extensive refurbishment inside and out.

2020 First all ticket match at the ground (due to Covid-19 pandemic)

2021 New floodlights (again!)

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