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"Who are ya? Who are ya....?"

I'm Duncan Saunders - Folkestone born & bred.

I've been told that my grandfathers on both sides used to attend football matches at Cheriton Road. Not what you would call regulars, and I can't recall them mentioning it, but at least they've been there. My dad is a season ticket holder at Folkestone Invicta. I think it's in the blood. Black & Amber blood.

I attended secondary school at the Harvey Grammar, next door to the football ground. At the time, like many youngsters, I followed the 'big clubs'. without actually going to any games. My first visits to Cheriton Football ground clearly had a big effect on me though and I've followed the senior Folkestone club ever since.

I'd always had an interest in stadiums form an early age. I'd generally kept it quiet as no-one else I knew seemed to have the same obsession. I figured it was a bit geeky. However, the Simon Inglis 1987 book "The Football Grounds of Great Britain" was a revelation to me - not only did someone have my obsession, not only was there a book published on it, but people were buying it. I WAS NOT ALONE! 1995 saw the first publication of Groundtastic - a magazine about football grounds. Geeky? Yes. It has even been on Have I got News For You as the guest publication. However a further realisation that it's not just me. As the internet grew in popularity & use the final realisation that there are people with my interest all over the world. That's why this website exists.  Putting it together has been a pleasure.

Getting some of the material has not been easy as I  now do not live in Folkestone. I've not lived permanently in Folkestone since 1984. I've traveled, lived & worked all over the world, but where you are brought up seems to influence the rest of your life: You can take the boy out of Folkestone, but you can't take Folkestone out of the boy.

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