Interestingly the 2020 Ordnance Survey map probably contains the least information on the status of the stadium of any previous map available.

2020 ordnance survey.png

Picture credit: Ordnance Survey

2020 sees the PA take up a new (old) position in the Harvey end, moving from the club shop building. The view is better in person than this picture does justice! 

2020 PA hut.jpg

Photo credit: Folkestone Invicta

In 2020 the country, in fact the whole world, was effected by the Coronavirus pandemic. As a measure to prevent the virus spreading, many areas of public gathering, eg pubs, theatres, sports stadia, etc had restrictions on numbers of people who could attend, and how they could attend. As a result of this the ground had its first ever all ticket match in September 2020, and also first ever sold out match. This was due to a restriction placed on the number of people who could attend a game based on the league level that the home team was based in, irrespective of ground capacity.


At this time the Grandad stand now had a permanent netting installed to prevent the pigeons flying around. This was kindly installed by the Stadium sponsors, BuildKent,  

Photo credit: Folkestone Invicta

2020 first all ticket.jpg

The reduced capacity of the ground at this time meant that areas could be closed off for improvements. In November 2020 the Cricket Ground end terrace was resurfaced, This top-of-the-terrace has been there since 1933. Considering the number of cracks in this area there might be a good chance that this was the first resurface since then!

2020 cricket resurface.jpg

Photo credit: Folkestone Invicta

The Coronavirus pandemic eventually meant all football at non-league level below National South had to stop in December 2020. However this gave further opportunity to improve facilities at Cheriton Road. The pitch perimeter iron post & chicken-wire fence that had stood for possibly nearly 100 years was removed, and replaced with a more modern plastic arrangement.

2020 fence1.jpg
2020 fence6.jpg

Picture credit: Clive Arnold

Local sports fans might recognise these fences. They were obtained form the defunct Folkestone Racecourse at Westenhangar, which closed in 2012. This make-do-and-mend is very much in keeping with the recycling history at the Cheriton Road ground, similar to the old railway lines used to prop up the Harvey end roof in the early 1930s. The fences, when at Folkestone racecourse, were very distinctive.

2020 fence racecourse (Andy Jones).jpg

Picture credit: Andy Jones

In January 2021 a new CCTV surveillance system was installed in multiple locations around the ground. This enabled 24/7 coverage. The system was purchased with help from a donation from the Supporters Club.

2021 cctv1.jpeg

Picture credit: Folkestone Invicta

Later in January 2021, something more exotic: heating from a terrace!! Further to the cricket ground end resurfacing shown above it appears that the terrace has been used as a heat source - a sort of large solar panel. It was built by Southern Construction Group, with some impressive paintwork.

2021 heated terrace.jpg

Picture credit: AnthonyFIFC 

In March 2021 it was announced that a scoreboard is to be reintroduced to the ground. There had originally been a clock in the late 1980s. The clock reintroduction was in honour of Harry Lester, who used to operate the old clock, who passed away in February 2021.