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Photo credit: Duncan Saunders

There are multiple websites devoted to football team histories, but very few to the histories of the stadiums, grounds or parks where those teams have entertained  or frustrated us, over the years. Players come and go. Fans stick around longer but they eventually pass on. The football ground however can stay for many generations.

Stadium history has always been seen as somewhat geeky or specialist. Awareness only came to a wider audience in the 1983 book by Simon Inglis Football Grounds of England and Wales. It may have been limited to football league grounds, but its continued sales were a clear indication that there was a passion for this sort of historical reference from enough football fans.

Further down the football pyramid, this interest in stadium architecture and history has grown, usually fired by the passion of fans for their home town club. That’s why I decided to track down the history of the ground of the club(s) that I have supported in Folkestone, even though I now live many miles away from this beautiful part of Kent.

I have decided to break the history down into 30 year chunks, starting with the use of the site before a football ground was there, right up to the present day, and even any indication of future changes. 30 year blocks were mainly chosen because the development of the ground fits nicely into those time periods, and also as it makes easier reading.

Research has been mainly online based. Pictures and information pre-World War 2 has been very difficult to find. Particularly being remote from Folkestone has meant that access to hard documentation has been very limited, eg library newspapers; local historical society photographs; etc.  If anyone reading this website has any information, and particularly photographs that would be happy to share on this site, this would be very welcome. All contributions will be credited to the provider.

Here's one by me:-


Photo credit: Duncan Saunders

It may be useful to initially familiarise yourself with the current configuration of the ground to understand the developments over the years.

2020 Sam Casey.jpg

Cricket Ground terrace

Main Stand


Changing Rooms

Grandad Stand

The Dugout

Bowls club (indoor)

Bowls club (outdoor)

Bowls club (extension)

Harvey Grammar School

Tennis courts

Cricket ground

Polo ground

Three Hills Sports Park

Harvey end terrace

Picture credit: Folkestone Invicta / Sam Casey

Enjoy browsing this website. All feedback of any nature is very welcome.

Please note that this is a fan website. The official website for the ground can be found at Stadium – Folkestone Invicta FC

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